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Featured Preaching Woman

Have you been sensing lately that there is something going on in the atmosphere? Do you feel like God is up to something big! Well, the truth of the matter is simply this: He is! We are embarking upon one of the greatest natural and spiritual shifts in history. The question is, are you in position? Are you ready to see the manifestation of all that God has planned for your life and the Body of Christ in this hour? If perhaps you are wondering how to get in position, or stay in position, this very moment is for you!PreachingWoman.com's founder, Nichelle Early, enjoyed the marvelous opportunity to speak exclusively with one of God's beloved and treasured vessels, Pastor Niki Brown (Pastor Niki). Richly abounding in kindness and grace, she cordially accepted our invitation to be featured and celebrated as an anointed preaching woman and share her life, ministry, and revelation of one of the greatest shifts in the Kingdom!Read more inside...