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Ministry Etiquette

As a homegoing (funeral) officiant or minister, you may be asked to take on the very important assignment of reading the resolution and or acknowledgments at a homegoing service. Often times, there is uncertainty about how many resolutions, cards, or acknowledgements to read. Therefore, we want to provide a few etiquette tips to assist you so that you can successfully fulfill this task respectfully and efficiently. Please consider the following tips below. Read more inside...
Proper church phone etiquette will present your church or ministry effectively. A strong first impression over the phone is one of the most important keys to building your ministry. Find out how you can improve your ministry's phone etiquette inside...
When drafting emails for ministry purposes, although the task of emailing certainly has its own universal rules, most of these rules are grounded in traditional common courtesies. The Golden Rule of "Doing onto Others" should definitely be a staple concept when sending out email on behalf of your ministry to others, especially your colleagues in ministry. Thinking before you compose your next email may be the one thing that will save you and your ministry from undesired responses and potential embarrassment. Therefore, consider the following etiquette tips before you hit SEND!