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2011 PWEC DVD Set (12 DVDs)

2011 PWEC DVD Set (12 DVDs)
2011 PWEC DVD Set (12 DVDs)
SKU#: PWEC-11-061611-FS
Sale: $100.00 (17% Off!!)
Price: $120.00

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Full DVD Set of the 2011 Preaching Woman Empowerment Conference: The Law of Time and Seasons. Enjoy Evg. Nichelle Early, Dr. Karen Bethea, Dr. Medina Pullings, and many other spectacular women! There are 12 DVDs in the set which include:
The Time is Now! - Evangelist Nichelle Early
The Law of Time and Seasons - Dr. Karen Bethea
Missions and Evangelism Training - Pastor Sheila Allen
Leadership Development - Dr. Bonnie Hunter
Developing Your Calling and Gifts - Evg. Azizah Morrison
Ministry Etiquette For Women In Ministry - Evg. Nichelle Early
Preaching 101: Developing Creative Outlines, Sermons and Deliveries - Dr. Rosalind Osgood
Business Administration For Women In Ministry - Pastor Monica Haskell
Clergy Attire and Care - Ms. Tina Scott
Ministry Administration - Evg. Nichelle Early
Closing Address - Look Now! - Rev. Janice Davis Steele
There's A Miracle Above My Head - Dr. Medina Pullings

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