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Featured Book of the Month

Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Hale has written out of her own experience of struggle in order to help other women realize and celebrate our uniqueness, acknowledge without shame our issues and challenges, and receive healing and forgiveness. I m a Piece of Work! Sisters Shaped by God features poetry, reflections, and Scripture, taking women on a journey from brokenness to wholeness. It is a book designed to help women affirm themselves and to claim God s best.
Confusion, financial constraints, job losses, global aggression--this is, at the very least, a day of uncertainty. The status quo is shaken, and we are in a time of tumultuous change, both in the world and in the Church.Bestselling author and respected pastor Barbara Yoder offers hope and encouragement to everyone who wants to face the future with joy.
Renewed Magazine creates timely and relevant articles targeted towards today's Christian Adult. These articles will transform and empower your mind, body, and spirit. Order your subscription today! Click inside...
Using the Old Testament story of Job, author Sandie Freed exposes our ancient enemy and the multiple ways he manipulates believers. With her trademark transparency and warmth, Freed encourages those struggling with a sense of hopelessness, a negative self-image, or a season of attacks--to name just three. She shows readers how to root out and overcome the negative thoughts the accuser plants, arming them with battle-tested prayer strategies to silence him and his deadly whisperings forever. Find out more inside...

In "From The Cradle To The Pulpit", Dr. Greene intimately shares her personal story on how God took her from harvesting cotton as a little girl in the scorching hot fields of North Carolina to harvesting souls for His glory in pulpits across the country. Bertha Greene has been commissioned to help the fallen be raised to stand and even through the many trials of her own life; including losing her only biological son, she has remained steadfast in her call and her duty to minister God's Word to the lost. Her life is a true testimony that no matter how hard life gets, when God has a Call on your life, nothing is impossible!
Many of us have been through incapacitating situations in life. Sometimes life and people have been so cruel to us to the point where we begin to wonder who we really are. Some events began in our childhood and we have been carrying them around in our hearts, minds and spirits for years and years. Because of this, we come to a place where we lose the ability to believe that we have any purpose and value. Many people discount and make disclosures concerning themselves every single day. This is due to low self-esteem, no or little confidence and simple brokenness.
Today you are not alone, God has not forgotten you. Yes your pain may be great but His love is greater than the pain you are currently experiencing. I challenge you to reach for your time of healing as you step into a new season of freedom, because your Healer is reaching for you. Find out more inside...

"Life's daily struggles can often leave us perplexed and bewildered on how to cope with hard issues. Completely Whole features thoughtful meditations, and timely scriptural passages, all designed to present the reader with a detailed, comprehensive understanding of what it takes to achieve a truly fulfilling life... Spirit, Soul and Body. Completely Whole is a non fiction inspirational guide to living a healthier spiritual life."

This book provides a fresh perspective on the biblical messages of "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" and "The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil." Sandie Freed reveals the real root of money problems: ancient demonic allies seducing believers away from a generous God. Read more inside...
In Awaken the Woman Within, Azizah Morrison takes you on a journey to excavate your authentic self. With the transparency and voice of a sister, Azizah speaks candidly about the challenges she faced on her path to personal growth and spiritual development and how her experiences have helped others.