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Featured Book of the Month

The author of our featured book for the month of March will be sure to ignite your passion for the Lord and bring you inspiration beyond measure through her book Poems and Prayers of Church Mother's Heart: Inspirational Wisdom For Our Generation. Written by our founder's 83 year old grandmother, Mother Bernice Lang intricately weaves God-inspired wisdom into your spirit while giving you a renewed hope in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Additionally, she proves to all that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams and purpose. Please take a moment to review and consider purchasing this book. It is truly filled with timeless truths that will impact every generation for years to come!
The month of February is widely known as "Black History Month." As we celebrate the historical feats and accomplishments of African Americans, we know that it all started with a dream. Therefore, PreachingWoman.com would like to spotlight an amazing book that will be sure to ignite your passion to pursue your dreams. Please take a moment to review Behold the Dreamer Cometh. More inside...
The Prophet's Dictionary is an all-in-one dictionary and reference book containing over 1600 relevant deinitions of terms and phrases for the prophetic realm of Christina ministry. This resource is a must have, and is authored by featured preaching woman for the month of January 08, Dr. Paula Price. Please look inside to find out more!
Written under a prophetic anointing, this book has been released in to the earth at this time, to aid wounded souls into their final victory. Pastor Joyce heart's cry to everyone that is struggling between the process and the promise is that, "God still has a plan for your life."
Ms. Johnson theorizes that many people in today's world struggle to recognize what truly genuine and loving partnership should be, and often sabotage their relationships as a result. ADDICTED TO COUNTERFEIT LOVE uncovers the destructive "love patterns" that women embrace and guides those same women to a "love experience"-the way God intended.

Hooper's Evangelist & Minister's Handbook is now called a 'must-have' ministerial guide for every new and seasoned evangelist, minister, and pastor today! With this ministry companion, never again will ministers have to struggle with their calling, be unsure about how to do ministry or know exactly what it entails. Rich with endorsements by Dr. Jacqueline McCullough, Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III, Dr. Rita Twiggs, and others, this book will inform and empower ministry gifts with two decades of Dr. Hooper's full-time ministerial experience.