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Dr. Yvonne Capehart: Destiny Is More Than a Dream, It's Reality!

Can you remember the last time you sat quietly and took an account of your dreams? Do you recall the last time you intentionally contemplated your destiny? What specific thoughts have you recently had concerning where your life or ministry is headed? How you will navigate the journey? These are some very important questions, as God has established a predetermined course for your life, and He desires that you to complete it! However, the question is, "will you?" Find out inside!

Dr. Yvonne CapehartDr. Yvonne Capehart: "Destiny is More Than a Dream, It's a Reality!"


Written by Nichelle Early, Executive Editor


Can you remember the last time you sat quietly and took an account of your dreams? Do you recall the last time you intentionally contemplated your destiny? What specific thoughts have you recently had concerning where your life or ministry is headed? How you will navigate the journey? These are some very important questions, as God has established a predetermined course for your life, and He desires that you to complete it! However, the question is, "will you?"

Often times, people give up on their dreams and exit the course of their destiny for several reasons. Some choose to go another route, because they feel the one they are on is too hard, or that they think they know a better way. Perhaps, they abandon the course because someone hurt their feelings, or didn't recognize their efforts, or told them that they didn't have what it takes to make it. Maybe there are those who have become discouraged because they have encountered people who had it within their power to help them and they didn't.  Moreover, it is commonly said that people give up on their destiny because they begin to believe the myth that they are too old, or their dreams are too big to become reality. However, today, we will disparage all of these tales once and for all, with the help of .Dr. Yvonne Capehart (Dr. Capehart), founder of Sister Keeper International Ministries Crusade and Co-Pastor of Believer's Life Center in Pensacola, FL. God has given her a mighty mandate to encourage everyone to hold on and stay the course, because destiny is more than a dream, it's a reality.
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Yvonne CapehartSeeming to have emerged out of nowhere onto the national ministry platform, Dr. Capehart is a prolifically anointed and powerful woman of God doing great things on behalf of the Kingdom of God. Abounding with beauty, grace, and a heart of gold, Dr. Capehart exudes a confidence and command, especially in the Word of God, that pierces asunder the spirits of mediocrity and brokenness and pushes those who receive the word of the Lord into a dimension of healing, deliverance, and wholeness in Christ Jesus. Known for her ability to minister a relevant, fresh, and timely word, Dr. Capehart has quickly become one of nation's most sought after preachers in this hour.

Coupled with her preaching ministry, Dr. Capehart is also a gifted recording artist and song writer with a divine anointing to write songs that prophetically speak to the heart of man connecting them with the heart-strings of God. With recent appearances on Daystar, TBN, Sisters and several other television and radio programs, God is truly using Dr. Capehart to usher in a new and profound move of God for such a time as this!

PreachingWoman.com's founder, Nichelle Early (NE) relished the opportunity to speak one on one with Dr. Capehart (YC). She cordially accepted our invitation to be featured on PreachingWoman.com and share a few life-changing principles regarding "destiny becoming reality" that will be sure to transform your life. So, sit back relax and enjoy this interview, because this one is just for you!

NE: Dr. Capehart, thank you so very much for accepting our invitation to be featured on PreachingWoman.com! I am so honored to speak with you today!

YC: Thank you! I am so honored that you chose me to be a part of your vision!

NE: You are quite welcome! Well, let's get started!

As the founder of Sister Keeper International Ministries Crusade, which is a network for women in ministry on local, state, and international levels, what is the specific mission or vision for the organization?

YC: Well, God gave me the vision in 1995 to create a ministry that would serve to assist women from all walks of life and pull them together. It was particularly started for women in ministry, or those that needed assistance with understanding their purpose and destiny. However, almost by accident, the ministry began to evolve into something much greater. It became a place for networking and a place where women began to come together in unity. So the foundation of the ministry evolved into one that would assist in tearing down the walls of jealously that typically exist among some women. It became a ministry that embraced women with different calls, assignments, and anointing upon their lives, teaching them and giving them an opportunity to work together...It originally started off as a small group and then it began to grow into a large luncheon, and we even started a magazine called, "Sister Keeper." As the ministry continued to grow, we began to provide all kinds of assistance and resources for those women who shared in the ministry. As a part of our outreach initiatives, we would give back...We would give away cars, funds for projects, and more...The ministry even started a group home for women, helping some of them find work and even go to school, many of them are successful today...Today, the ministry has become well-rounded organization that serves to minister to the whole woman.

NE: Excellent! Now that's what ministry is all about! That is awesome...

So Dr. Capehart, let me ask you this: Truthfully, you are an anointed woman of God, and to some you may appear to have come out of nowhere into national prominence, how do you describe what God has done and is doing in your ministry?

Dr. Yvonne CapehartYC: The biggest thing I tell people is this: Sometimes it seems that you are not recognized when you are working in the dark. In other words, when the spotlight is not on you, you may not be recognized. But it is in the dark that you have to make your foundation for your destiny. People sometimes get that confused. They sometimes think that because you are in the dark, you are not working or that you are not effective. But, that is not always true. So, I tell people that if you work diligently in the dark, the light will seek you out...Don't seek for notoriety, fame or to be seen, only seek to please God...I'll say it like this, "In ministry, do you want people to remember who you are or what you said?" To be honest with you, I've have gotten more ministry assignments simply because people were so moved by what I said, and they didn't even know my name. They would just say, "Who is that woman?" And to be honest, everything really started for me, not because people knew my name, but because someone simply asked, "Who is that woman?" So, to answer, your question, it is God who has done everything that you see. I'm just as shocked when things happen for me as everybody else, because I realize that God has a way of getting you in the right place at the right time!

NE: Amen! Hence the motto of your ministry, "Destiny is more than a dream, it's a reality."

YC: Absolutely!

NE: Well, in reference to your ministry motto, you have your own music company, 2BLEEV Music, your own publishing company, YC Publishing, your itinerant/crusade ministry, and more! You certainly embody your ministry motto!

However, what does your ministry motto, "Destiny is more than a dream...it's a reality" mean to others that may encounter your ministry?

YC: To be honest, most people I've come across always say they have big dreams and big goals. But, they can't articulate them. And God began to deal with me and say, "What good is it for me to give you a dream if you are not going to remember it when you wake up!"  And He began to deal with me to let me know, "if I give you a dream, it is for you to walk it out in your life." God wants you to allow His Holy Spirit to order your steps because He intends for your dreams to become reality...Whatever God shows you in the Spirit, He wants it to become reality. If it does not become reality, then it's nothing more than a nightmare.

NE: Wow! I guess it's a scary thing to see something God intends for you in your dreams, and wake up and never experience it in your life time!

YC: Exactly! So, we must understand that dreams are to excite us regarding what God has shown us and position us to get up and walk it out!...So, that's the mandate of my ministry, which is a twofold mandate:

1.)  A focus on Healing and Deliverance;

2.)  To help people to walk out their assignment.

NE: Wow! Dr. Capehart this is so good! So let me ask you this:

Can you please provide us with three principles that you live by in order for "destiny to become reality in your life?"

YC: Sure, the principles that I live by are simply this:

1)    You must be obedient to God!

2)    You must be a true example before God and others in public and in private.

3)    You must walk in compassion.

And, another thing: I try my best to always be transparent in my life and ministry. Because I'm a firm believer in that if you tell people the truth, they don't become as disappointed when the truth is exposed. Transparency benefits the people looking up to you as well, because it teaches them to also be transparent.

NE: That is so true!

Well, let's transition here...God has blessed you to complete three musical CD's, one of which is entitled, "Destiny is Calling You." What inspired you to do this CD and what is the intended impact on the hearers?

Dr. Yvonne CapehartYC: Well, my first musical CD was entitled, "I Will Carry You," which included several songs that, God gave me as...I was sitting by the water getting ready to commit suicide. And as I was sitting there, I began to hear an orchestra in my mind along with the words, "I'll carry you!" And, I can remember thinking to myself, "Hold on, I've got to write this." And to make a long story short, I was encouraged.  Shortly after that, I wrote two other songs and I began to sing those three songs. After a while, God said, I didn't give you those songs just for you. And at the time, I didn't know anything about recording, but I learned as much as I could...And so for me, song writing actually was actually birthed out of my pain and struggle. Each stage of my life in which I've gone through something painful, God is given me a song. My second CD is entitled "I Speak Life in You" which reflects my life as I accepted my assignment in for ministry. God called me into fulltime ministry from my teaching career as a high school Teacher and Intervention Specialist.  As a result of accepting the mandate on my life a few years later along with other tests and trials God gave me yet another project, entitled, "Destiny is Calling You."  Destiny is Calling You is a song that is inspired to encourage others that no matter what they have endured in life, they still have a destiny in God's plan.  And, that's how I wrote Destiny is Calling You, which is a prophetic song.

NE: Now, I have to ask the question that inquiring minds want to know: What were you going through in your life that drove you to the point of contemplating suicide?

YC: I had gone through a very painful situation in my early adult life.  At the time, out of shame, I chose to keep my pain a secret, which drove me to suffer in silence filled with secret shame and deep pain.  But thanks to the healing and delivering power of our Almighty Father God, I am healed and delivered today from what I thought I could not survive.

NE: Oh, so you were not in ministry?

YC: No, I was not. To make a long story short, it was on account of an abusive situation, with a combination of other matters, that really drove me to a dark place...you know the saying, "wounded in the household of your friends?" It was one of those circumstances.

NE: Yes, I do, and I understand...and, I'm glad you are still here today to share with us, because God has given you so much! Well, let's talk about your books.

God has blessed you to author three books, one of which caught my eye called, "The Spirit of assassination." Can you please tell us a little bit about the revelation that God has given you regarding this?

A Broken Rib by Dr. Yvonne CapehartYC: God gave me this book at a time when I was really going through. You know, people always say they are going to another level. But, what we must understand is that for every level, we are going to face a stronger level of attack. And if you can't survive on the level that you are on, then that's the level you are going to die in. And so God began to deal with me and He said, "Every time I raise up a great person with a great mandate to go forth, at the same time the devil released the spirit of assassination to stop that person from manifesting his purpose." Let me explain this way, two years before Moses was born, the enemy said he would kill all the male babies. Understand this:

"At the moment of conception of a great person or thing, the enemy sends out the spirit of assassination to kill it!"

Now understand that in those times, they had midwives...Right now, we are experiencing a time where those that God has called to be midwives are not in position! The midwives are too busy trying to preach instead of cover. Everybody is not anointed to give birth. Somebody has to be the midwife! The midwives in Moses' day were those that couldn't give birth.

So the principle is this: "I help you do what I can't do!"

When you are anointed to be a midwife, you have thick skin. You skin is tougher, because you know the birthing process is painful. The one giving birth may fuss at you, call you names, and more, but you don't let it affect you, because you know that you have to facilitate a birth. The spiritual midwives are some of the strongest people in the Kingdom!

NE: Oh, my goodness, now that is a powerful revelation. I tell you, people have to get your book, The Spirit of Assassination, to get the full teaching on that!

As a matter of fact, you are working on a new book, from a message that you preached called, "A Broken Rib, Deep Wounds Do Heal!" Please tell us a little bit about this book and the message God has given you?

YC: Well, once again, I was going through my own little drama of dealing with a broken heart. And God spoke to me and said, "You are a broken rib!" He took me back to the account of Adam and how he took the rib from Adam to make woman...And He begin to say to me, that in the place I was in, I was trying to understand why my husband could not see or understand why I was hurting. Because, it's like this, if you have ever had a broken rib, every breath you take it hurts and there is nothing you can do to heal a broken rib from a medical stand point. So, the revelation for me is when a woman is truly a man's rib and he and she are connected, he should be able to feel her pain every time he breathes, because she is his rib. And so God has to teach our men how to recognize our hurt and how to love a broken woman...If a man doesn't recognize a woman is broken, he will become one of the scars in her life. You see I did a lot of research on ribs and there are three kinds of ribs:

  • Floating ribs
  • True Ribs
  • False Ribs

Also, in the book, I have true stories of women and men, not just those of the Bible, but of countless men and women that I've ministered too (their names have been changed to protect their identity). It's a great book; in fact, I think it's my best one yet. People can go to my website at www.yvonnecapehart.org for more details.

NE: Wow! I definitely encourage people to get the book!!

Well, let's talk about your family. You have been married over 25 years to the incomparable Pastor Lee Capehart, of Believer's Life Center, In Pensacola, FL, where you both pastor; Please share with us what he means to you as your husband, Pastor, and partner in all of your endeavors?

Yvonne Capehart and Rod ParsleyYC: Well, the thing with our relationship is that I started preaching before my husband started preaching. One of the things we personally had to overcome was people knowing me rather than him. So when we started the church, I was led by the Holy Spirit to only function in the musical ministry and not as a preacher, my husband agreed.  Therefore I did not minister in my church for one year so that the people could know my husband's spirit. And, once the year was up, I was released to continue to do what God had called me to do. My husband has always been supportive in that! But again, we have had our challenges, because I can tell you that you can't be married an in ministry for 25 years and not go through and have some kind of challenges...and I actually write about those challenges in my books especially "A Broken Rib," God allows us to go through things and then be open about them in order to be a blessing to others. Here's what I always say:

"You've got to reveal it, before God can heal it!"

NE: Amen! That is the truth!

Well Dr. Capehart, in closing, what do you believe God is saying in this hour?

YC: I believe that God is saying that many of those who have a great mandate on their lives are broken. And, I believe that God is sending a wave of healing to restore them. And after that, the next emergence of people on the ministry landscape will be those who are healed. So, for me what He is saying is, "this is the time to get healed for real!" The ones with the anointing on their lives are the ones that God is requiring to be healed first!

NE: Yes, we have to be healed in order to minister to others effectively!

So, last but certainly not least, Dr. Capehart, what is it that you want the world to know about you?

YC: Wow! The thing I guess I want everybody to know is that I love the Lord Jesus! And, I know that sounds cliché, but I love Him and I am happy to see people doing what God calls them to do. I have a passion for people, and I want to see them healed for real, because that is the only way that their destiny will become reality!