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Featured Preaching Woman

Have you ever dared to reach for the vision resulting from your personal hopes and dreams only to find that as you walk by faith an insurmountable mountain seems to stand right in your way? While doing all that you know to do, have you encountered some dark moments, days or seasons that just didn't seem to be fair? Well, you are not alone. While doing great exploits for the Kingdom of God, undoubtedly we all will endure some difficult and challenging situations in our lives. However, some feats are necessary in order for us to overcome as triumphant vessels of God's grace. Read more inside...
Life is a journey. We see that when we look at the life cycle of the butterfly. It transforms and is reborn with wings imprinted with various colors. Perhaps we all have butterfly moments. That's exactly what happened for Rev. La Tonia Taylor. She graciously accepted our invitation to be featured on PreachingWoman.com and allow us to explore a "portion" of her story of reinvention, renewal and reclamation on her personal journey with Jesus, to Muhammad and back to Jesus again. This full circle represents both her life and now her work in ministry...Read more inside.
Is God showing you greater and more for His purpose and your fulfillment? Do you see wider and deeper as you embark upon the horizon of your next-dimensional vision? With all that you are already committed to faithfully, you may ask yourself, "is there really room for more?" Well, we are here to encourage you that there is room for more. And, you do have the capacity to see more, give more, experience and be more. Even with a day to day life that seems "stretched" to the limit, now is the time to prepare and enlarge the tent of your territory.
There is a mighty wave moving across the land prompting men and women of God to draw nearer to our Heavenly Father to fulfill His discipleship mandate. This is the surge of the "sonship" of God. Are you a part of this wave? Do you have a yearning to understand and walk in true Sonship? If so, you are now experiencing a divine moment as we have been favored with the spectacular opportunity to talk one-on-one with one of the most prolific women of God of our time, Dr. Aretha Wilson. She graciously accepted our invitation to be featured on PreachingWoman.com and share with us the "raw" truth about God's desire for you to perpetuate His life in the Earth by walking in purpose, power, and destiny as a child and "son" of God.
"We've made it over!", "New Beginnings!", and "This Is My Year!" are all declarations that resonate amidst the hearts of believers and non-believers alike as the dawning of a New Year arrives. As some of the most exhilarating celebrations around the world grace headlines, we have witnessed many as they proclaimed with open arms "out with the old and in with the new". But wait, what happened to the vision from last year? Where did the expectations from 2008 go? Did your vision come to past? Did you do all that was necessary to connect the dots and take what God gave you to the next level? If so, welcome to 2009, you're on the right track. If not, we want to help you get there!Read more inside!
When you hear the word victory, what comes to mind? Do you think of a relentless fighter? Or, the thought of winning an exhausting race? Perhaps the very challenge of obtaining victory makes you nervous? Whatever the thought, victory tends to manifest itself in many different forms. It can be found amidst all types of backgrounds, experiences, and circumstances. And, certainly, PreachingWoman.com is privileged to present you with a living epistle of victory in the person of Pastor Michel White-Haynes. She graciously accepted our invitation to be featured on PreachingWoman.com and encourage you that in any and in every case, you too can be victorious!

Think back to the last time you got the invitation to minister to God's people. What emotions did you experience? Perhaps you felt unworthy. Maybe you even felt unprepared. Did your emotions get the best of you? Well, you are not alone. You would be amazed to learn that a vast number of others experience these same sentiments. But, help is here! We were blessed with the exceptional opportunity to speak one on one with one of God's choicest vessels, Co-Pastor Dr. Doris L. P. Griffin. She graciously accepted our invitation to be featured on our site to inspire you to get beyond the emotions to "Be Prepared and Encouraged!" Read more inside...

How often do you seriously think about your destiny? Lately, have you felt as though you are right on the cusp of crossing over into something great? Or, perhaps you have unintentionally bought into the notion that you are never going to make it. Well this month, we have been privileged with the extraordinary opportunity to celebrate one of the most profound prophets of our time, Prophetess Sandie Freed. She fervently accepted our invitation to be featured on our site to encourage you to "hang in there, it's cross over time!" Read more of this exciting article by clicking the link!
Have you ever encountered a season where you felt dry, thirsty, and infused with a need to see and experience change? Lately, have you found yourself challenged to let go of the past and move forward? Are you frustrated with your personal circumstances and desirous of a refreshing? Well, this is the moment you have been waiting for! This month, we are delighted to share with you an exclusive interview with one of God's choice hand-maidens, Elder Beverly Dairsow. Without reservation, she humbly agreed to be featured on our site and impart to us some practical guidance to quenching our spiritual thirst so that we may be filled to the overflowing with the purpose and power of God's glory!

Has life ever confronted you with challenges that made you wonder how you would have the strength to live another moment? Have you ever experienced a pressure so great that you've felt like you've missed the mark and it's all over? At one time or another, we've all had those feelings. However, the question is, "how do you navigate the emotional pitfalls of the enemy and recognize that truly, "it's not over?" Find out how inside...