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Soul Manna

As I began to seek God concerning this year, I asked Him to share with me His desires more of from the Body of Christ in 2011. And with that being said, I feel impressed to share with you a prophetic word for 2011. Find out inside...
Do you realize that you are pregnant? I bet you are saying, "Who me?... Not hardly", as my mother would say. But, I beg to differ. You are pregnant! Pregnant with purpose and with promise. Many of you sitting full with witty ideas, creative inventions, unique businesses, vital ministries, desires for career change, and for some, real desires to literally have children. However, for some reason, you haven't brought forth…God has given you dreams, and ideas concerning doing ministry differently, writing books, expanding your existing business line, entering new relationships, all for HIS Glory, but yet you have not brought forth!