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Soul Manna

Many of us endured a lot of things in 2007 that, from the looks of things, suggested we would not make it! I can certainly be very transparent with you to say that I honestly was not sure that I would. As many of you may be aware, last year this time, I was happily pregnant all to have it tragically end...Read more inside!
This year has been a year of fulfilled promises, productivity, and forward momentum for many. And, for others, it has been a year of hurt, challenge, and struggle. However, in whatever situation you may have found yourself entreated with this year, this one thing I know is true, YOU are an over-comer! And, I am proud of you, but most importantly, God is amazed with you!
God loves you with an everlasting love. He loves you so much so that He has placed great treasures in your Spirit. These treasures are there for a variety of purposes; to bring Him glory, to bless believers in the body of Christ, to share Jesus with the world, some of them to bless you financially, to give you self-fulfillment, and for much more. So why is it that you, at times, are afraid to excavate and utilize all that is within you? Find out more inside...

You, woman, are special! Being fearfully and wonderfully made, God has handpicked you before the foundation of the earth to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world. To be a preaching woman in the body of Christ at this present time is one of the most paramount privileges. God thought about you for trillions of years and chose to craft you for this hour. Now, what will you do with your time? Read more inside...